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I try to make SMTP communication and i tested with two SMTP servers. First SMTP s ...
»BASCOM-AVR : ATMEGA16 with LCD16x2 (4 bit) : REPLY
you should remark these lines : 'Config Lcdbus = 4 'Config Lcdmode = Port t ...
»BASCOM-AVR : ATMEGA16 with LCD16x2 (4 bit) : NEWTOPIC
Hi there, I am new to Bascom and I got an issue with LCD 16x2 (4 bit). My CPU is ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Code-Folding with Bascom : REPLY
that site is not for bascom-avr. that site shows a new product (not available yet) ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Code-Folding with Bascom : NEWTOPIC
Hello i use BasCom IDE On the site ...
»Various : Used Registers : REPLY
[quote:2f374c3cba="Rahalph"]Hi Viacheslav, Great Work! Can you provide a zip file ...
»BASCOM-AVR : wait vs timer : REPLY
I'm interested in what this device works. Is man at work? :D And what if you do not ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Used Registers : REPLY
Hi Viacheslav, Great Work! Can you provide a zip file for download? Downloading ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Used Registers : REPLY
Comments added. [url=][img:c04047 ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Used Registers : REPLY
Hi Evert, Thanks for your message. You're right, to find out which registers are ...
»Share your working BASCOM-AVR code here : Wireless Bootloader Using Nordic nRF24L01 Module : REPLY
I love this forum !
»BASCOM-AVR : Used Registers : REPLY
That's a lot of complicated software you guys are posting here to do something that ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Used Registers : REPLY
Thanks, Ralph. In the new version I'll add comments too.
»BASCOM-AVR : Used Registers : REPLY
Hi Neill, hi Viacheslav, Thank you ver much for your replies. So I have to disas ...
»BASCOM-AVR : wait vs timer : REPLY
Ok folks I will try to use the timer function. I can see that option is better ad ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Printbin : REPLY
Thanks for the advice, Kimmi. This works: [code:1:45f041c880] if req_tx_ ...

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