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»BASCOM-AVR : XMEGA change baudrate during runtime : REPLY
If use the file "xm32a4def.dat" from the new version, it is not suitable for 2076? ...
»BASCOM-AVR : XMEGA change baudrate during runtime : REPLY
sorry, i only look at problems reported in the latest version.
»BASCOM-AVR : XMEGA change baudrate during runtime : REPLY
Сode looks like this, but it is interested to version [code:1:1 ...
»Share your working BASCOM-AVR code here : 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Library : REPLY
Hi Netzman, Wow, i had a look at your wiki and the code, and it looks like a gre ...
»BASCOM-AVR : XMEGA change baudrate during runtime : REPLY
- since 2077 is out, there are no updates for 2076 other than 2077. - please show ...
»BASCOM-AVR : new source file : REPLY
Did you checked the 'history backup' ? That option will create a hist folder in th ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Xmega 32E5 timer unknow : REPLY
I sent them to you via support.
»Share your working BASCOM-AVR code here : A wav player using kokkekat fat and a atmega8 and pwm : REPLY
HELLO djalltra the externel oscillator must be selected as hight speed in fuse s ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Xmega 32E5 timer unknow : REPLY
thanks Mark, [quote:3627a1b3b1]The timers in E5 are different. you need an update ...
»BASCOM-AVR : ATMEGA Vs XMEGA code resource/size demand differences? : REPLY
Thanks Mark. It seems from your response, that there is no real need to worry abou ...
»BASCOM-AVR : new source file : REPLY
[quote:a978700f3d="Meister"][quote:a978700f3d]saved only 1 bachkup (nice typo) that ...
»BASCOM-AVR : problem xmega dma : REPLY
A year or two ago there were problems with Xmega dat files preventing to use DACB. ...
»BASCOM-AVR : new source file : REPLY
[quote:13a2828ce9]saved only 1 bachkup (nice typo) that is constantly overwritten[/ ...
[quote:ea7a285953="Mrshilov"]On chip with RAM <64k it works well, but I use AT90 ...
»BASCOM-AVR : new source file : REPLY
[quote:c692c1f766="albertsm"]In bascom : options, IDe, history backup. This will c ...
»BASCOM-AVR : problem xmega dma : NEWTOPIC
my version of bascom : hi i has problem in xmega dma data from usart -- ...

Date published: not known

»Menu system for Mc145151 PLL
This is a simple menu system to setup freq and station name in eeprom current setup is for 87.5 - 108 MHz steps 100Khz (6.4Mhz xtal) the SW Lock is just for simulating normaly connectet to mc145151 pin 28 (LD) code need be finish before upload
»zeptoprog-II Programmer
My new programmer/ logic analyzer AVRISP mkII compat AVR programmer USB serial logic analyzer ISP ...
»Lets go Xmega
I order this board Xmega256 for test use ...
my next project
»AMEGA8515 CODE for PGA2311 China Board
I got this board from ebay (china board) it have many problems so I made some change to the cont ...
»TDA7442 SURROUND audio controller
Upcoming Projects TDA7442 here is the setup from datasheet now its time to make the full progr ...
»2 x NRF24L01+
Upcoming Projects wireless via NRF24L01+ for remote Machine controller waiting for module to ar ...
»Bluetooth to RS232
Upcoming Projects a bluetooth to serial dongle for my facebook update lcd waiting for module to a ...
»433Mhz TX RX link
This is a simple code for TX RX 434Mhz 4800baud it send 2 byte as test Visual via my dongle ...
»Simple Encrypt decrypt with key
Here is my test code for a simple data protect AVR to PC via comport secure your send data It ma ...
»IR RC5 - RC6 Controller tester
Here is code for RC5 & RC6 IR diode to INT1 Bascom Code

Date published: not known

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