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4 months ago
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»Share your working BASCOM-AVR code here : Sending a LinkSprite jpeg File as MMS Using a SIM5216A : REPLY
The attached BASOM file, “SIM5216A_Spinel forum” updates my ATmega1284 program so that it will take pictures using the highest res...
Here is the photo of the black curtain that i use i know that energie saving is not concerning bascon but it is a good new that...
»BASCOM-AVR : VAL("0.001")=1.000E-3 (00) : REPLY
Thank you! Every day is a lesson :wink:
»Various : LCD 1x8 SPI : REPLY
The display has started but displays nonsense.[code:1:40ef7271fc] $regfile = "m168pdef.dat" $crystal = 16000000 $hwstack = ...
»BASCOM-AVR : bascom 2080 : REPLY
[quote:81795d4712="Printpix52"]When clicking on update, a message appears as this is normal? :lol:[/quote:81795d4712] Hello!!...
»BASCOM-AVR : Newbie question about multiplication and data types : REPLY
Thanks Mark, That makes sense. Let me give this a try. Hopefully that approach will give me the result I need. Thanks! -Y ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Newbie question about multiplication and data types : REPLY
the data types should be equal. if you really need floating point math, you need to use a single or a double. but your data is in...
»BASCOM-AVR : Newbie question about multiplication and data types : NEWTOPIC
Hello, I am a hardware engineer that's somewhat new to BASCOM. I have been working on a sensor project that calculates the cente...
»BASCOM-AVR : VAL("0.001")=1.000E-3 (00) : REPLY
[quote:d4c0353002="Ev3658"][code:1:d4c0353002]S="0.002" I=Val(s) Print I '=0...
»BASCOM-AVR : VAL("0.001")=1.000E-3 (00) : NEWTOPIC
Faced the conversion problem in the operator VAL [code:1:4ad5f2ed1d]Config Single = Scientific , Digits = 3 Dim S As String*2...

Date published: not known

»'Slowmotion frames' und deren Umsetzung
Hier möchte ich eine Diskussion starten, wie man sogenannte 'slowmotion frames' selber bauen könnte/kann.
»Solarladeregler für 12V-Bleiakkumulatoren
Im anhang findet ihr was mein programm werden soll, könnte mir vieleicht jemand helfen?
»Fragen zum DFPlayer mini (Lexikon)
Hallo zusammen, zuerst einmal vielen Dank an @Zitronenfalter für Deinen Lexikon-Beitrag zum DFPlayer mini. Was mich sehr interessieren würde, ist...
»BASCOM neu gekauft
Hallo, ich habe mir die Vollversion "Bascom Vers." auf CD gekauft. Dazu habe ich ein paar Fragen, 1. Ist das die derzeit aktuellste Versi...
Hallo, mein Vater hört schwer, er wünscht sich deshalb einen optischen Alarm ,für die Türklingel. Sender Funk und Empfänger kann ich mir gut vorste...
»Fehler in BASCOM mit If-Then?
Ich habe heute etwas Zeit mit der Fehlersuche verbringen müssen, weil BasCom selbst keinen Fehler im Code gefunden hatte . Ich hatte eine If - T...

Date published: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 22:15:51 +0000

»93c46 editor programmer bascom & vb93c46 editor programmer bascom & vb

»93c46 Bascom & VB693c46 Bascom & VB6

»Analog clock on SSD1289 3.2" 240x320 lcdAnalog clock on SSD1289 3.2" 240x320 lcd

»Nextion HMI lcd with KaraDio the best webradio esp8266Nextion HMI lcd with KaraDio the best webradio esp8266

»Adding 240x320 lcd to the WifiWebRadioAdding 240x320 lcd to the WifiWebRadio

»IV-17 Nixie clock GPS set time & date at power onIV-17 Nixie clock GPS set time & date at power on

Date published: not known

»Bascom Can Bus Sniffer
»R.I.P Ben Zijlstra
Remembering Ben Zijlstra We hope that people who love Ben will remember and celebrate his life. more info at MCS
»KaRadio webradio ESP8266
The Dimitris board is available at  This is a hardware project for Ka-Radio
small tool to edit 93C46 eeprom written in BascomAVR & VB  Bascom control the 93C46 so we sent data via comport from VB code will be added later ...
»nRF24L01+ RC Controller
This is a RC controller TX & RX unit with nRF24L01+ nRF24L01+ / with PA and LNA for longer range facts: TX 1 x potmeter for servo ...
»RAW lcd
Connecting RAW lcd to atmega8 the lcd is 6 digit + time glass LCD Hour Meter for  tractor ,air compressor, ect the lcd have 4 com pins  & 14...

Date published: not known

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